A Musing Scribe - Freelance Writing and Photography by Matt Finley    

A Musing Scribe

Matthew Finley

Writing, Photo, Graphics

Busy. Demanding. Organized.
You don't have the time nor the inclination to deal
with full-time writers and photographers who don't
get it. Babysitting is NOT part of your job description.
You want a freelancer who will make your job easier,
not more difficult. You want to go home on time.

Focused. Creative. Prolific.
I require no supervision and very little instruction.
I follow directions and I know you have your own
life away from your desk. I can help you get back
to it. I am flexible, capable and I know how to
quickly and seamlessly acclimate to your world.
I simply get it.

Some publications I've worked with:

 --  ATVs / Offroading Guide at About.com (The New York Times Company)
 --  Guns.com
 --  MX Affiliate Magazine
 --  ATV Magazine
 --  ATV Source Magazine
 --  Local Newspaper
 --  Local Lifestyles Magazine
 --  VerticalScope (ATV.com)
 --  Patch.com (America Online)
 --  Big Musig Geek
 --  Next2Eden
 --  Suite101 Media Motorcycles Feature Writer
 --  Sportster blog
 --  Creative Weblogging
 --  451Press LLC
 --  BlogCritics
 --  San Diego Offroading Examiner
 --  Press Release Committee American Sand Association

Writing and photography is a passion for me. Since first getting published in 2006 I've created more than just a part-time job I do from home. I created a hobby with many facets that not only helps pay the bills, it allows me to be exposed to a side of life that I never would have seen otherwise.

Please feel free to conatact Matt Finley with your freelance writing and photography needs.


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